Streets Systems offer a full end to end independent Junction Assessment Service to support Local Authorities and designers. Our user centric approach guarantees that design work considers all movements.

  1. One or more days video survey to map existing movements and desire lines. Often Pedestrian and Cyclist movements can be unorthodox, in particular when confronted by legacy junction layouts.
  2. Calculation of Junction Assessment score for the existing layout using LTN 1/20 methodology for cycling, plus commentary on levels of service for pedestrians.
  3. Review of draft designs, calculation of likely score if inspected on completion, recommendations to improve scoring and reflect real world user behaviour.
  4. Monitoring recommendations to meet Active Travel Fund requirements pre and post construction.
  5. Outputs to allow junction modelling including traffic speeds and volumes extracted from video using our bespoke software.

Meeting requirements for Junction Assessment Scoring can be difficult.  Failing to accurately identify and score all movements early in the design process can store up difficulties further down the road and worst case result in a non-compliant scheme.

Streets Systems brings decades of experience working on complex Active Travel schemes both in the UK and Europe. Today we specialise in the use of Machine Vision Technology to map the movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles through urban spaces. Only by understanding how street users actually behave and utilise space can we truly assess how to optimise new street layouts.

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We work on complex junctions across the UK mapping movement of pedestrians cyclists and motor vehicles using machine vision technology. Recent work includes supporting Living Streets on a national study of cycleway crossings and side road junctions funded by Transport Scotland & Department for Transport.