AI Traffic and People Sensors

to support positive change on your streets

Streets Systems provides solutions that make places safe, smart and sustainable. Our surveys and sensors use AI technology to collect anonymous data about traffic, footfall and use of space. We help manage urban infrastructure, collect traffic data and monitor the baseline and effects of street improvement projects.

The Company

We are a team of experts who specialize in using Machine Vision to extract data on movement and flow in the built environment. We offer a range of services, including video surveys and permanent installations that capture data on complex problems. Our work has been recognized nationally, and we have received press coverage in Guardian Cities for our innovative work with The City of London Corporation. We specialize in working with schools, strategic roads, low traffic neighborhoods, and conducting long-term traffic counts for road safety monitoring. We also offer active travel monitoring services to help our clients make informed decisions that promote sustainable transportation options. One of our notable achievements includes the installation of permanent equipment to monitor footfall on Newcastle's Northumberland Street, which is one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe. Overall, our company is dedicated to providing high-quality services that use advanced technology to help our clients collect data on movement and flow in the built environment.


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